Stick to:
  • Do select an oil of highest quality such as Bunge Pro high oleic sunflower oil.
  • Do select the proper equipment in accordance with the fried food volume.
  • Do calibrate the thermostat.
  • Do check oil temperature daily with a calibrated thermometer.
  • Do fry at the lowest temperature possible.
  • Do turn fryer temperature down when the fryer is not in use.
  • Do cover the fryer after turning off and after the oil has cooled.
  • Do choose the right oil for your operation.
  • Do drain/blot wet foods before frying.
  • Do shake off/remove loose breading before frying.
  • Do filter the oil at least once a day.
  • Do filter the oil at the lowest temperature possible.
  • Do skim the oil frequently.
  • Do maintain the proper oil level.
  • Do thoroughly wash and rinse the try kettle when totatly replacing the oil.
  • Do scrub the fryer with a non-abrasive pad.
  • Do store the oil at room temperature.
  • Do keep the hood and exhaust system clean.
  • Do wear protective gear as handling hot oil can be dangerous.


  • Do not stir, agitate or aerate the oil unnecessarily.
  • Do not contaminate the oil with sprays, polishes, cleaners, insecticides and plastics.
  • Do not use salt or seasoning over or near the fryer.
  • Do not load baskets over fryer.
  • Do not over-fill deep fryer with food.
  • Do not allow copper or copper alloys (bronze\brass) to contact the fryer.
  • Do not overheat the oil — especialty when loading the deep fryer.
  • Do not scratch or scrape the fry kettle surface by using sowing pads or wire brushes.
  • Do not use rusty or worn kettles.
  • Do not fill disposed oil back into kettle.
  • Do not mix used oil with fresh oil.
  • Do not dispose the oil without a reason.
  • Do not pour or drain oil from too big distances as this will cause oxidation.
  • Do not allow frozen foods to thaw before placing into the fryer.
  • Do not fry at temperatures over 175°C.

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