About the company


  • The Company was founded in 1818 and today, it is present in more than 40 countries;
  • Bunge is #1 producer of bottled oils worldwide;
  • Our recipes are developed with the support of Bunge’s American Institute “The Oil Experts” and Bunge’s European Innovation Center;
  • Worldwide expert in oil production both for consumers and professionals. In Ukraine, the company is represented by the trademark “Oleina”.

Елеватори Бунге
Dnepropetrovsk Oil
Extraction Plant
Producing and shipping complex
in Mykolaiv seaport
Main office
in Kyiv
DOEP is the manufacturer of all Bunge ProCuisine products range

Dnepropetrovsk Oil Extraction Plant

  • Founded in 1947;
  • 1989 – full reconstruction of the plant;
  • 1994 – bought by Cereol;
  • 2005 – the plant joined Bunge, leading agribusiness and oil company”;
  • Continuous work to upgrade equipment and processes and to implement innovative technologies.

Quality and Safety

Environmental management system ІSO 14001:

The Environmental management system ІSO 14001 is intended to ensure environmental protection and to prevent pollution.

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