Main recommendations for deep frying

Basic recommendations for professional frying oil usage

  1. Store the oil in closed containers at temperatures between 0°C and +30°.
  2. Always maintain the required level of oil in the fryer, add only fresh oil.
  3. Do not add salt above the frying; give your products some time to become dry before frying.
  4. Replace the oil when:
  • There is an oily foam at the edges of the deep fryer and it doesn’t disappear for a long time;
  • There is a smoke above the surface of the oil;
  • The color and the smell of the fried food don’t match normal expectation.
  1. Maintain proper frying time and temperature. The temperature before and after frying should be the same and should match all requirements of the operation manual of the deep fryer.
  2. After the product is ready, allow the oil to drain off (10 seconds minimum).
  3. After each frying cycle it is necessary to remove suspended particles from the oil and the food debris from the bottom of the fryer with a special stainless steel spatula.
  4. Filter the oil regularly day (or even more often) with the help of filters or the filter machine.
  5. Wash deep fryers only with special detergents. At the last stage it is recommended to wash the deep fryer with a small amount of oil and then to pour the oil away.
  6. Comply with the deep fryer’s cleansing and maintenance schedule.

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